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  • Luxury

    Guest acceptance and settlement

    Using the hotel automation system, it is possible to create a suitable scenario for the situation in the room when a guest checks in or leaves the hotel

  • Beautifully

    Energy saving

    After the guest leaves the room, the system automatically shuts off all electrical appliances and costs related to lighting, heating and cooling are also saved

  • Security

    Do not disturb / cleaning request

    Hotel guests can easily send room cleaning or do not disturb requests to housekeeping or reception by touching the bedside panel

  • Performance

    Comfort of guests

    A combination of motion-based automatic lighting, bedside panels and central room control

  • Satisfaction

    Beautiful and diverse design

    The unlimited and diverse design of glass touch panels completes the interior decoration of your hotel according to your taste

  • Comfortable

    Compatibility with hotel software

    Only by preparing the platform, this system is ready to be integrated with the hotel software, to increase productivity with online reporting of the room status

  • Multilingual content

    Multilingual Content

    Support for different languages for the convenience and ease of use of guests

  • Types of graphic formats

    Types of Graphic Formats

    The possibility of having several graphic formats for different occasions or televisions

  • Live TV

    Live TV

    Receive all domestic and foreign channels live

  • Various Reports

    Various Reports

    Get to know the details of guest performance and their interests with the reporting system

  • Movies, Series and Music

    Movies, Series and Music

    Create an entertaining environment by providing audio and video content

  • خدمات اتاق

    Room Service

    Minimize the possibility of human error by registering the request through the software

  • Comfortable

  • Dynamic

  • Fireproofing

  • Electrical Insulation

  • High Security

  • Peace of Mind

  • Online Communication

  • Tactile Pleasure

  • Reliable Warranty

  • Waterproof

Some of our customers

  • Darvishi Hotel, Mashhad

  • Almas Novin Hotel, Mashhad

  • Pardisan Hotel, Mashhad

  • Laleh Hotel

  • Tabaran Hotel

  • Lipad Hotel, Chabahar

  • Madine Hotel, Mashhad

  • Merat Kish

  • Hagha Rezvan


  • Almas Novin

    Almas Novin Hotel 4 Star

    Located at Mashhad

    Installing smart hotel automation systems and interactive TV

  • Tabaran

    Tabaran Hotel 4 Star

    Located at Mashhad

    Installing smart hotel automation systems and interactive TV

  • Lipad

    Lipad Hotel 5 Star

    Located at Chabahar

    Installing smart hotel automation systems